welcome to the Fourteenth Floor

Many years ago when working as a hired hand restoring a hotel, I was standing on the 14th floor looking down on rush hour traffic in a busy downtown. It could have been any metropolitan downtown. Busy people running this way and that, not even looking in the direction of the other people surrounding them, most of which they probably passed daily. This was an inspiring moment for me as I was able to articulate in my mind certain ideas about life that I had not been able to express before.

Social Interaction.

All of these things are present in most projects or activities with which I am involved.
I am Stephen Horning.

A Strange Observation

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links of possible interest:

www.namastemusic.com - the band for which I play guitar, sing and write music - also I design the websites (in between major designs now) and most of the graphics/logos for whatever purpose might arise

www.myspace.com/stephenhorning - my myspace page which includes samples of music and some computer based art by yours truly